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  1. 12 And the daughter of Tyre shall be there with a gift; even the rich among the people shall intreat thy favour.

    I am believing that in our outreach at POFW there are some rich that are going to come. There are some among us that God is raising up financially to bless the church, and some that we are going to have to go get. It’s going to take us all to go into our mission field of Fort Worth and gather in the harvest that he has promised us. It’s going to take a lot of sacrificial giving of time, Tallant, and treasure. My Dad always told me if I wanted something I needed to work for it. He said if it was free it wouldn’t mean anything to me. Lets prove to God that his promise means something to us and go work for it. Let us go to the streets this Saturday with the intention of finding the harvest. One soul at a time The Lord will bless the church. If he sees us diligently reaching for one soul he will reward us with a great harvest. We have to get together and make known to God that we will go. It is not just a duty but it is our calling. Remember the commission given by Jesus. The most important thing to him was souls. If we line up with the vision of our Pastor to reach this city and get a new burden each morning for souls like Jesus has, we will see the doors of social status swing wide open and all, ALL creeds, even the rich that will finance the kingdom will come forth.


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